Coffee lovers out there have their own preferred type of coffee whether it’s about the flavor, the beans, the blends, the taste, the aroma and a lot more. Everyone has their own perspective and choice when it comes to coffee and we are all aware how important coffee is to a lot of people.

One of the most debated issue about coffee is which is better, the regular coffee or the gourmet coffee? In this article, we’ll discuss this matter in hand and give everyone a better perspective and view about the difference between these two types of coffee for the sake of our love of coffee so sit back, relax, read and at the same time, sip some hot cup of coffee.

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Gourmet coffee is all about the bean; it serves as the foundation of the taste of the coffee, where around 70% of the coffee bean’s quality is determined genetically by studying the features of its seed. The rest of the 30% is determined by the environment or the ecosystem where the coffee is being grown and farmed. These are the two crucial combinations to produce an excellent coffee bean; however, the quality of the coffee bean also relies on the people who grow it. If there is passion, dedication and of course, love of their work, then there is no doubt they will grow a great quality coffee bean that a lot of people will get captivated.

However, there are problems with the most commonly brewed coffee beans that we regularly consume. A lot of these coffees are sold in our supermarkets which are manufactured cheaply and tastes bitter compared to specialty coffees or gourmet coffees. There are actually two types of coffee beans available in the market; Arabica beans and the Robusta beans.

Arabica beans are considered as the premium type of coffee beans and is also the best-tasting beans compared to Robusta which is the cheaper type to grow and tastes far inferior, while there are some blend mixes for both types of beans but according to coffee experts, only a hundred percent Arabica beans that are brewed can make the best-tasting coffee out there. Most gourmet coffee out there is made from 100% Arabica bean coffee which ensures the top quality taste and aroma while regular coffee beans can improve its taste and aroma depending on its blends and added flavors.

Another factor that affects the taste and quality of the coffee beans is its soil where it’s grown. Arabica beans are not your usual type of coffee that can be grown with quality with the available soil in your farm. It requires a very specific type of growing condition to thrive and produce top quality beans. In order for it to grow healthy, the plants must be able to grow up to 1,200 meters with an average temperature of the environment at 70-degree Fahrenheit, and there are only a few places the world where you can grow Arabica beans and this is in Costa Rica which is rich in volcanic soil, no wonder Arabica beans are far expensive compared to Robust a beans and other common types of coffee beans.