Welder – how to choose? Which welding power tool is good?

A welder is not only a tool found in professionals’ inventory. Very often, it is in the equipment of DIY enthusiasts and people who independently do all the work around the house, such as welding hinges in the gate or car muffler. So instead of going to a workshop buy welding machine singapore or calling a professional, you can try your hand at welding.

Welders for amateurs

Welders can be divided into:

Inverter – They are small and light. Due to the complicated construction, they must be repaired at specialized services. On the other hand, they are characterized by high efficiency and high tolerance to voltage drops. Compared to transformer welding machines, they consume little power and are also not very sensitive to the quality of the electrodes used.

welding power tool

Transformer – They are very cheap, and at the same time, buy welding machine singapore they are characterized by low complexity. This entails many disadvantages: such as poor work stability, which is influenced by the power supply, high power consumption, welding quality depends on the quality of the electrodes used. Their advantage is low sensitivity to mechanical damage as opposed to inverter welders. As manufacturers often overstate the power given in the specification, it is worth following a simple rule: the heavier the welding machine, the better the transformer.

Inverter or transformer welder?

The first is often used by professionals and people who care about certain equipment. Transformer welding machines are suitable for people who need a tool for occasional work (welding machines for the home), and at the same time, do not have a large budget.