Uptown Farrer: What Will Really Make You Happy in a New Apartment

When looking for a new apartment for rent or purchase, we must consider many criteria. We want it to be a good financial decision (and a good investment, if you buy), we want it to be safe, practical and easy for our daily trips.

What is perhaps the most important of all is actually a lot simpler;are we happy at this new place. So, what makes you truly happy in one place? Here we will see some things that will determine how happy you’re in property, not always what you expect.


When looking around a place to stay like the new Uptown Farrer, it’s important to think about the area that surrounds it, as well as who is in the area. It’sbetter to have a close friend who respects you and stays around 10-15 minutes away from you. So, if you ever get stuck and need a hand, or if you ever want to meet over a cup of coffee and chat, you will have this opportunity, and this is the surest way to become happier where you live. However, being too close to the wrong friends can be just as bad as not being close to anyone, as you will see that you do not have time for yourself or they continue to appear without warning. Ask yourself if this is possible and consider searching elsewhere if this is the case.

Uptown FarrerSpace

Having space is very important when you inspect your property, so make sure you have enough space where you live. Being too intimate can endanger your relationship with your partner/friends, but at the same time, it may mean that you feel you cannot entertain guests or do not want to cook good meals in the kitchen. Also, make sure there is room for all your belongings so that you don’t have to leave your favorite jewelry or expensive furniture out.


If you have a grocery store near the road and easy access to the city center, then expect that this is something that constantly improves your life. The fact that you can get out of the road when you need milk, and able to travel to the city without having to pay for an expensive taxi will make your life easier, and you will understand that this means you should drink less black tea and socialize.