The modern way of preparing a digital workplace is a modern and advanced way of creating a workplace online

With the use of, people now can connect with other people online very easily and people can connect employees starting from the headquarters to the frontline i.e from anywhere through mobile or any online gadget and create a digital workplace that has easy communication facilities, various tools for productivity and process automation on a unified platform. also ensures security for the data received or sent or being processed in the digital workplace and the employees can connect very easily through it using various digital workplace tools that are available in It is also free for 100 users, that means the people can add 100 users without paying for it nd enjoy the facilities of the amazing digital workplace that provides. One can always go the website provided and schedule a demo to get a taste of the amazing functions and facilities available in It is also trusted by leading brands like Flipkart, IMCO general construction, Hush Puppies which proves the efficiency and great facilities of and the facilities can be tested by anyone easily by scheduling a demo.

The following points clarify the reason why organisations choose

  • It is very easy to understand and use – It does not contain complicated designs that are time consuming to understand for the users, it contains a simple design and easy functions for anyone to understand very easily. It is similar to popular consumer apps and the digital workplace tools are easy to use. There is no learning curve.
  • Frontline staff can access very easily – To be a part of the digital workplace no corporate email is required and users can easily be a part of the digital workplace and connect with everyone through a fast way. This means that the frontline staff or any other staff of the digital workplace will not have to go through the log procedure of logging in through corporate email.
  • io is completely secured- There is a promise of security of data and other information shared in the digital workplace and the communication that happens between the employees does not leak outside and stays between the employees. is ISO 27001 certified and is a GDPR and HIPAA compliant secure platform. The users can trust while sharing valuable information.