Paving Way For Medical Advancement: CBD For Anxiety

The two most disturbing factors that wreck havoc on the personality and mental stability of an individual are PTSD and anxiety. Both of them are caused by exposure to unfavorable and traumatizing circumstances. It can range from an event that leads to having a crisis to something as minor as worrying about your pay check. Soldiers and accident victims have complained of suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Anxiety, on the other hand, is a fairly common occurrence that can affect anyone. It is when it rises to epic proportions (as to hamper with the carrying out of daily life activities), then it becomes a medical condition requiring medical attention.

Popular medicine:

The use of cannabis and other form of drugs have been found to be effective in treating (or temporarily easing) these conditions. Weed being the most popular form of go to drug. It contains a substance known as THC, and it is this substance that affects the mind and results in the recipient feeling relaxed and calm. But the fact that it is not always healthy for those taking it in large quantities has also drawn quite a lot of attention. Many a times, if the person is not clear in his or her head, it may make them more agitated and anxious.

Another way out:

This is why many people prefer to take CBD for anxiety. It is also a suppressant but one that works selectively. Unlike weed, it does not produce the effects of drowsiness and ‘being high’ but produces the same results. It relaxes the recipient and makes them calmer and clear headed. How it affects is not exactly clear, but is acts upon a large part of the brain. They are not categorized same as a psychoactive substance. A recent research has made it possible to employ it commercially with any side effects.

Test and response:

The use of cbd for anxiety has shown to suppress 5-HT1A signaling, this has anti depressant effect on the mind. It acts on serotonin receptors in the mind and elevates the mood of an individual by making him or her feel more relaxed. Anxiety disorders are a serious problem and need to be dealt with in such. It affects almost 12% of the global population at a given time and up to 30% of men and women suffer from it at some point in their lives.