Reviews are the basis for most decisions made by people that shop online. Many refer to reviews as the biggest source of social proof. They play a very crucial role in any online business that wants to grow. Reviews are very important because it helps bridge the gap between online business and customers. It allows the customer to give feedback to the company, and this gives room for growth, customer loyalty and exceptional services. 

Reviews give importance to your business. The same way a picture goes viral on the internet because everyone seems to be talking about it is the way your business can trend. The more people talk about your business, the more it will be recognized by search engines like Bling, Google, Yahoo and more. It also creates an avenue for better relationships between a business and its customers.

The power of online reviews is sometimes underestimated, a few good online reviews on a site like Britain Reviews can, in the long run, translate to a significant amount of growth for the online business. Most people opt for an online campaign, which in itself is quite productive, but after the initial hype, the productivity isn’t as much. With a few good online reviews, anyone who has an interest in the services offered by the online business will be encouraged to be involved. 

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Another reason why reviews are very important is that with all the scams on the internet today, it is hard to tell which business is legitimate and which is just another scam, people wan to be reassured when they are interested in a product or service to ensure that they get what they pay for. 

New businesses usually find it hard to compete with already established businesses, but reviews levels the playing ground it allows small businesses to compete with older business and eventually gain recognition in their specific market. Anyone would consider a company with ten five-star ratings than one with fifty two-star ratings. Reviews seem to be the popular factor when ranking in local search. According to Google, “pages with reviews which mention a keyword or a city, were found to have a higher ranking in Google’s local pack. At a high level, having a keyword you are trying to rank for, and a mention of a city you are working to rank in, in reviews has a high correlation with high ranking Google My business results” this means more reviews, translates to relevance in search Engines.

Being able to use the feedback from reviews is probably the most useful benefit of reviews. It allows you to improve customer service by resolving issues that customers complain about this, in turn, translates to a positive experience for the consumer. The comment section if properly analyzed, tells the company where it can improve and what the consumers truly want. 

In general, the reviews that are given by customers serve as a major tool for the growth of any online business and if used properly, will be a great driving force for the business. It also makes the business credible and increases customer loyalty.