Grab the Best power bank by considering some random factors

Power bank acts as strong support for smartphones. It helps to increase the usage of the phone for an additional time. In fact, many smartphones with huge battery capacity could not fulfill the user’s spending time on it. So, people encourage buying a power bank which helps them a lot. There are several kinds of power banks available in the market. Many people struggle to buy the best power bank without knowing some information. So, before making a decision on it you should consider some essential elements of it.

Charging Capability

It is a significant factor that is measured in mAH(milliamp hours) and that describes how much electric charge can be stored in it within a specific time. The higher mAH leads to more consumption of energy and with this we can recharge a phone many times.


After charging capacity, price is taken as an important factor by many people when selecting the best power bank in India 2020. According to the price, a cheap power bank consists of fewer features like less charging ports, lower charging capacity, etc. They might be built-in poor quality.

Weight and the Size

Weight and size are quite important aspects of the power bank. The best power banks are built in a compact size and could be less in weight as well as store a high-level charging capacity.

charging cables

Input and Output Ports

And another important feature is the type and number of ports available in it. You should check whether the USB port of portable chargers is suitable for your mobile phones. Most of the portable charger comes with one or two USB ports consists of different power values in order to charge your device.

Charging Cables

Without charging cables, there is no use of power banks. These cables are considered to be in good quality, and generally, power banks are charged using a micro – USB cable. There are several types of sockets through the output cable:

  • micro – USB
  • Type C USB
  • Lightning Connector
  • Thunderbolt

Additional features

There are also some basic features that are fitted additionally with the power bank they are power indicators, LCD display, Short circuit safety, adaptors, and Flashlight.