Car Buying Guide – How Find the Right Car Variant

Simple it may sound, but select the car variant may end up being the daunting task. No, we are not scaring you away, but unless it is the money-no-object situation, choosing the optional extras and regulating the budget needs a little time, precision, and effort to get the right balance. Nothing to worry, we have got it sorted with used cars in miami option.

Know your lifestyle

Check out what you want to do with your selected variant, or where you are going to drive it, Take a note of terrain you will encounter on your way to work. You must also consider the seasons & your daily route. Consider your interests and hobbies. Find the car variant that will serve yours and your family requirements rightly.

Car features

Check the features you want, note down the car variants having those features, and create the right compromise between both. In order, to keep your buying costs low, vehicle makers keep these entry-level variants totally free from features, hence if the budget is constrained & you are searching for the basic features alone, the entry-level car variants will be considered. You must also note that a few features you did not use in the old car can turn to be very important, particularly if you are upgrading to better and bigger model.

 Buying Used Cars From A Dealership


Next feature to look is the performance. Car engine & transmission options differ as per the variants. It isn’t a case with the cars that provide the single car engine option. However, these offer options in transmission part. Do you prefer strong turbo-petrol car engines or settle with petrol engine? Would you go for the diesel engine? There is the transmission choice. You can get the manual one in a base variant that is followed by various other options in upper variants.


Given the higher awareness among the customers, many manufacturers are doing a good job of making the airbags & basic safety aids such as ABS standard over the entire range of the products, from bare-basic car variants to range toppers. However, until this trend is accepted by the car makers, you must make a point to choose the car variant that provides ABS & airbags at least.

Final Words

As you move up a variant range, number of airbags and driver aids increase, too. This essentially means you get the world class safety (active and passive ones) without buying the expensive vehicle on sale.