Before you start know about bitcoin basics?

The rate of 1 btc to inr would differ regularly. So, there is a need for you to stay updated with the current value. When you are starting to make use of the bitcoins then there is a need for you to know all the basics and converting process. Usually inside India buying, investing or trading is considered as illegal. But you can earn the bitcoins through different online platforms in mining methods. When you want to see your bitcoins there you can post them in different platform and predict it.

You cannot directly start converting without the support of other application or service providers. There is a need for you to set up the offshore Dominica bank accounts with the optional crypto exchange services from that you can wire out your rupees to your bank account inside India.

Bitcoin conversion


The actual value of 1 bitcoin is 6,07,979.57 Indian Rupee. There are several ways are available for you to convert 1 btc to inr. When you want to move your BTC to your bank account there is a need for you to follow these steps for processing it and to get benefitted

  • Sell out the bitcoins on a cryptocurrency exchange. You can make use of the bitcoin ATM.
  • For operating it there is a need for you to get your bitcoins debit card.
  • When you want to expand its usages there you can sell it to your friends. If not you can start selling them to your fiat currency.