Arrangement of a modern living room – basic principles of contemporary house design in the UK

Most of the time, the living room constitutes the heart of the whole house or flat. It is the room where we spend the most time with our relatives, we relax or watch TV. In connection with such an important role of this room, its appropriate arrangement is extremely important. Choosing the right colours and furniture should be determined by the style of the interior. Below you can find information on what to pay attention to when arranging a living room in a modern atmosphere in accordance with the rules of contemporary house design in the UK.

Space and functionality

When arranging contemporary interiors, the most important factor is the skilful use of space and the high functionality of the solutions used. According to the best contemporary interior designers working for one of the top London interior design companies, a modern living room is characterized by the dominance of minimalist trends and respect for the basic principles of aesthetics.

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Simplicity of form

Many contemporary interior designers recommend arranging the living room in a minimalist style based on the use of wood. This material is an elegant finishing element (floors, countertops), but if you choose cabinets or shelves made of it, you should go with a simple form, without decorations. It is also worth knowing that furniture with geometric shapes will create an impression of spaciousness in the living room. In addition, in the contemporary interior design, one can observe a clear trend of replacing big armchairs with pouffes and large sofas with low-back corner sofas.

Subdued colours

When a contemporary interior, especially when it’s the living room, it is also worth focusing on the subdued colours of the walls. The shades of pastels or beige will harmonize well with the furniture. White is also particularly noteworthy – it will not only match all the accents set in the living room but will also give the room a feeling of cleanliness, freshness and spaciousness. It should be remembered that the ceiling should be brighter than the walls –thanks to using this solution you will avoid the effect of overwhelming and lowering the room.

The principle of moderation

According to the principles of the contemporary house design in the UK, in the case of a minimalist living room, you should avoid excessive decorations. It’s best if the furniture itself is the greatest decoration of the room. Many contemporary interior designers stress the fact, that the contemporary interior is above all spacious, so the less overwhelmingcolours, patterns and accessories, the better. Of course, monotony should be avoided at the same time, so you can easily go with a dominant accent in the form of a distinctive vase or frame of the picture. The interior can be also enlivened by colourful pillows or an interesting bedspread.

A comfortable sofa

The living room is a room in which, of course, the main role is played by the piece of furniture that you can sit in and relax – the sofa. It should, therefore, be located in the central part of the room and be of high quality. When choosing a sofa for a modern living room, it is better to give up colourful and distinctive patterns. According to contemporary interior designers, a plain material will give the modern interior a sense of refinement, elegance and harmony. It will also help you relax and find your centre away from the stimuli of everyday life.