About the growth of the mobile game development

Due to the popularity of smartphones, personalized mobile games have attracted considerable attention due to high consumer demand focused on the production of new technologies.

The emergence of a new platform

The mobile game genre appeared in the early 1990s when Instruments developed the ubiquitous Snake game for mobile devices. The pixel reptile has grown in size and captivated users, and Nokia was the first mobile phone company to include this Mobilegta5.net game. More than 350 million mobile phones have used Snake as a standard game on their phones.

Snake’s popularity inspired several companies to develop games through WAP, which helped transfer game-related data through remote servers. Players and developers have begun to understand the enormous possibilities of mobile games in multiplayer mode.

Mobile GTA Game

The new millennium is driving the mobile game development sector to a new life with great ideas, financing, new publishers and software developers.

Some licensed their most successful names for these growing companies.

Apple and its role

The launch of the iPhone in 2007 changed the field of mobile games with the third-party gaming market, where developers were inexpensive and cheap games for consumers. The App Store has established direct communication with consumers, avoiding easy access, avoiding other medium-level companies.

Consumers have benefited from the new access with 50 billion applications downloaded since 2008. According to Apple, the games have excited all kinds of users, from the most informal to the most sophisticated entertainment options.

New platforms and trends.

Thousands of developers have developed many Android applications that help users access the hundreds of thousands of applications available for the system. Amazon also offers 75,000 applications for the Android store. The games are developed by well-known companies, including Electronic Arts, Namco Bandai America and Konami.

Trends in popular console games are now visible through smartphones such as micro transactions and in-game ads. Downloadable content has become the most profitable micro transaction, which attracts players with new levels and missions. Players can download some complete games after buying online. The content of digital games represents 40 percent of all game sales with revenues of almost 6 billion in 2012 alone.

The future

Currently, the number of subscribers to mobile phones is 6.8 billion and is constantly growing compared to one billion subscriptions in 2002. Strong technological habits have helped people foster market growth. It is known that approximately one third of the players play on their smartphone, and a quarter of them play through a wireless device.