5 Easy Steps to Get Large Business Loans

Startups are often faced with many challenges before realizing their dreams. The biggest challenge? that is not having access to proper funding needed to execute their business ideas.

Who, after all, wants to lend money to a company that does not have proof of money coming in yet? Investing in a startup is one of the biggest risks for financing companies, like Trade finance Hong Kong, and banks. That is why you need to make sure you have everything in place before you acquire a large business loan.

To lessen the possibility of getting rejected by financing companies, today’s blog will give some tips if you are a startup owner looking to apply for a large business loan

Steps in Acquiring Large Business Loans

Let’s face it. It is not at all easy as it once was before the Great Recession, all banks and other lenders still need to loan money to start with their business. After all, you can’t just easily afford a hundred dollar business and all its expenses— not unless if you had invested at it for a long time.

Meanwhile, the key to it is to know how to do it and get the best terms. Here are simple and easy steps in acquiring large business loans at Trade finance Hong Kong.

1 Start Before The Loan Is Needed

Build a relationship with key individuals from the financing company. Let them know details about you and your business. When it comes to doing transactions that can be somewhat complicated, people would rather opt to do it with those they know and trust.

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2 Decide What The Money Is Needed For

You should have a good reason for getting a large business loan. Avoid obtaining a loan if your business is experiencing financing ongoing losses, office build-outs, or acquiring unnecessary equipment.

Use the large business loan only if you’re:

  • Financing a piece of equipment,
  • Financing a real estate,
  • Long-term software development,
  • Large seasonal sales variations.

The reasons stated above are beneficial and it would definitely help you in repaying the loan.

3 Decide How Much Money The Company Needs

When you already have a valid reason for acquiring a loan, the next thing that must be decided is just how much money is needed.
Underestimating the amount of money can lead to problems related to insufficient capital.
On the other hand, overestimating the amount of money needed might result in the financing company questioning your assumptions and the company’s credibility.

4 Know the Score

A huge factor in the approval of loans is the credit score of the borrower. This indicates that they are worthy of the loan and are capable of repaying it back. Borrowers are judged on the following:

  • Credit Score. Most financing companies look for a credit score of at least 700-800 range. Figures between 700-650 are acceptable but do not guarantee a loan.
  • Debt To Income. Personal debt payments should not be more than 33% of gross monthly income.
  • Time In Business. Companies that have been operating for at least 2 years are more likely to receive loans. Aside from that, a reliable record of incoming accounts receivables must be provided.
  • Report On Industry Risk. Industry risk is rated based on the government SIC codes which are ranked.
  • Report On Cash Flow. Most financing companies give money based on the company’s cash flow.

5 Find a Lender

Look for a lender that suits your business needs and payment method. Common sources of  large business loans are:

  • Commercial Banks,
  • Non-bank Lenders,
  • Region Specific Lenders,
  • Micro a, d alternative lenders,
  • Private Equipment Finance Companies.

Best to call Trade finance Hong Kong today.