Why Nonwoven Wallpapers Are The Latest Decoration Trend

Wallpapers are no longer those outdated interior designing tools that everyone mocked and ridiculed.  They have comeback stronger and better. With modernistic solutions like the nonwoven wallpapers which are unbelievably easy to install and remove, wallpapers have become the most sought-after interior design solutions. Being the most recent decorating trend, nonwoven wallpapers can be easily installed using DIY instructions or by a professional. Get to know why installing nonwoven designer wallpaper will make you stand out from the crowd.

Naturally Sourced And Made

Nonwoven wallpapers are entirely sourced and made from synthetic and natural fibers. They are the products got after the mixing of synthetic and natural fibers.  The wallpapers are a blend of fibers extracted from household products like gauze, tea bags, and coffee filters.Their being extracted from natural fibers makes them washable so you can easily wash them using a sponge and mild soap.  Also, the nature of the materials they are made of makes the wallpapers breathable which prevent mildew and mold formation hence making them ideal for kitchen and bathroom applications.

nonwoven designer wallpaper

They Are Wear Resistant

The blend of synthetic and natural fibers produces a strong and tear-resistant wallcovering which can endure most if not all harsh treatments. Due to their being tear-resistant, you don’t need to worry about them getting torn apart while you are installing or removing them. Interestingly, you can remove the wallcoverings totally dry with no aid of chemicals or special tools.  By just pulling it out, it will come out in full sheets without tears. Hence, you can reinstall your designer wallpaper whenever you want without worrying about it getting torn apart in the process.

They Are Un-pasted Or Pre-pasted

The pre-pasted paper solutions let you easily fit them on the walls by applying water on the back side. Applying the water activates the adhesive hence making the installation work simpler and less demanding. When dealing with un-pasted wallpaper, all you need is to apply clear wallcovering adhesive on the back side and stick it on the wall. Professionals recommend the use of non-staining wallcovering adhesive on unpasted wallcoverings and diluted wallpaper adhesive on pre-pasted wallcoverings.

Never Changes In Size

Nonwoven wallcoverings don’t contract or expand. The fiber blends they are made of don’t support expansion and contraction. Therefore, they do not shrink as they dry or change in size when dry. It is not necessary for you to order your designer wallpaper and allow it time to relax to see if it changes in size as it is often the case with most wallcoverings sold today. You just need to paste your wallpaper, identify the specific area to install it on the wall and then install it correctly. Ensure you butt the edges so that they do not overlap.