Want to know about melanotan 2 drug in detail?

Melanotan 2 is an alternative of melanotan drug and it is widely used in the treatment of erythropoietic protiporphyria. Actually, this melanotan 2 is an untried type of alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone that causes tanning, i.e. pigmentation of human skin. Also, this peptide is not approved for treating any medical conditions at present. It has been reported to cause a vast array of potentially severe side effects; because of warning against its use. The main working principle of melanotan 2 is motivating the production of eumelanin that causes the skin to go tanning or darker.

Normally, this MT2 is administered as an injection of liquid beneath the skin. Even the tests have been shown that this darken effect can happen within five doses. Due to its potential side effects, the melanotan 2 is not recommended to use this drug by anyone without any proper consultation. Also, there is no proof for the use of MT2 in breast feeding or pregnancy period, but it is highly suggested that it must be avoided during this time. However, this peptide is not only used for improving the production of skin darkening tan, but also may work efficiently in the brain to motivate the erections of penis.

Uses and effectiveness of melanotan 2

Taking melanotan 2 always needs 10 day stage of loading that is importantly a greater dose point to wet through your body in it. By using melanotan 2, the scientists trusted that they could support to minimize that harm and also lessen the risks for every individual. Commonly, it is fully used for skin tanning. In addition to, it is also used to produce erections in men with erectile dysfunction, for fibromyalgia, for rosacea as well as other conditions. But, there is no scientific proof to help many of these cases.

Are there any safety concerns while using MT2?

effectiveness of melanotan 2

Probably, the melanotan 2 is fully safe while it is used beneath the medical supervision for treating skin tanning. For tanning skin, the normal dose of melanotan 2 is 0.025 mg/ kg. The major advantages of using melanotan 2 are tanning the skin preventing the skin cancers because of high sun exposure, while offered as a shot beneath the skin and also many other conditions as well. Once you have obtained the desire color after using this MT2 peptide, you only want to take one dose of melanotan 2 once per week.