Two significant types of cheats in PUBG

As we all aware of pubg game and it is best known as player’s unknown battle grounds game. You can see this game at all kind of smart device today where each and everyone irrespective of their age groups are playing this game. All they need is winning the game chicken dinner. This game is very impressive and played for free. Actually the motive of each player is to know their enemy in the battle field.  This is why pubg esp (extra sensory perception) which helps the players to let them know where actually your enemy is resided.

Let’s define how cheats in this game playing a crucial role;

Coming across cheats in this game, you can classify these hacks are of 2 types. They are aim and speed hacks.

Pubg hacks

  • Aim hack or aim bots hack: actually aim bots hacks is extremely frustrating hack over her in the game where they used to undertake the players major aim and do target over the opponents. Here using this hack, you could fire each bullet over your opponent and almost done by hitting the opponent. In fact this hack is keenly responsible for hitting cross map shots by the players. But some kind of aim hacks naturally performs auto fires too. In fact, you can see pubg esp hacks which are not encouraged thing and if you got caught with this cheats or hacks, then you will be immediately banned by the game developers.
  • Speed hacks: while coming across speed hacks; it is very much mere damaged thing and allows the player to play in the game with a strong speed enhancement movements. It certainly means that movement of the map from one place to another will be carried out in a fraction of seconds. In fact the priority usage of this kind of speed hacks is extremely advanced one compared to above discussed aim bots hacks. This kind of hack usage is very nice and it is applicable for once or twice in the games unless and until they get banned. Later on, they might got caught easily and died unfortunately too.


This game is popularly used in almost at all kind of android and ios devices too and it certainly results in the growth of pubg mobile finally. Players have to get knowledge on how to cope up with different hacks till they get banned from pubg cops like that. Hacking is evenly possible but it is not termed to be safe legally in the game. This is why players are provided with different options to hit their possible opponents to reach the game win easily.