The most famous Chinese soups

The Chinese soups are always special and energetic. As most of the Chinese soups are made out of fresh and natural ingredients, they are considered to hold various health benefits. Even though there are many varieties of Chinese soups, here is the list of soups which are more familiar and highly preferred in Chinese cuisine.

Hot and sour soup

This is one of the most familiar Chinese soups. The other most interesting fact about this recipe is they can be made easily within short span of time. There are different varieties of hot and sour soup whose ingredients will get varied from one another. These ingredients include pork, tofu, carrot, wood ear and many. Among these versions, the soup which is made out of vinegar and red rice is considered to be more familiar among the Chinese market.

Egg drop soup

This is another familiar soup which can be found in the menu of all Chinese restaurants. This soup is highly preferred by the people who prefer to choose the takeaway option. As the name indicates, beaten eggs are used for making this soup. Since the egg drop soup involves basic recipe they can be prepared within short span of time.

Wonton soup

This soup provides the feel of swallowing a cloud. And this is the reason why they are named as wonton soup. The kids will prefer to take this kind of soup because of the wontons floating on it. The wontons soups are made with different ingredients. The veggies can take the one which involves vegetarian ingredients. And the non vegetarians can prefer the recipe which involves pork and other additional flavors. However, the taste of both these varieties will be outstanding. This soup is also considered to be the best appetizer of Chinese cuisine.

Cream corn soup

This soup is stated to be one among the traditional soup of Chinese cuisine. They are prepared in the same format in which the chicken velvet is being made. Seafood or meat will be used for preparing this soup. Corn starch will also be used in this soup in order to make them thicker and tastier. People who are interested in having chicken can replace it with meat.

Apart from these, there are different varieties of soups with many interesting flavors. The people of Singapore who want to experience the taste of these soups can visit Beauty in the pot where they can experience wonderful Chinese dining.