The different type of protein powder that is available

Nowadays there are many people who visit a gym regularly. For those people, taking some form of proteins is very important. They can be in the form of protein powders, protein shakes, and many others. Among these, protein powders are the most popular among those people who are very conscious about their health and also those people who visit a gym regularly. Protein powders have many types and are made from a wide variety of sources. There are different types of protein powder. It is a bit difficult as to say which the best protein powder among the lot is. We will study the two main types: Whey Protein and Casein Protein. You can read GNC Bulk 1340 weight gainer review which is a good protein powder and help you gain weight.

Whey Protein

GNCWhey Protein is made of milk. It is the liquid which is used for separating the curd while making cheese. It is also high in lactose I addition to high proteins. Whey protein is rich in amino acids. It contains Leucine which promotes the growth of muscles and his recovery after an endurance exercise. The amino acids are then digested and absorbed in the bloodstream after which they are available for the creation of a new muscle, also known as muscle protein synthesis. Proteins are a great source in building and maintaining the mass of the muscle such as decreasing the fat mass and increasing the lean mass. Whey proteins are also known to reduce appetite and also reduce inflammation. You can read GNC Bulk 1340 weight gainer review which is also a similar to Whey Protein.

Casein Protein

Casein protein is also found in milk. They are absorbed and digested more slowly. When casein interacts with the acids inside the stomach, they form a gel which slows down the emptying the stomach and also delays the absorption of amino acids into the bloodstream. When restrictions on calories are applied, casein has an advantage over whey as they can improve the composition of the body during the resistance training. Casein also reduces the fat mass twice as that of whey protein and also helps to gain lean mass and increases the strength in your chest.


Protein powders are good as long as they are taken under the prescribed dosage. Excess of it can start causing side effects in your body. If you are a person who visits a gym regularly, protein powder will be good for you.