SANDERS: Transforming Crafts work into Masterpieces

SANDER, from the name itself, can be explained to be a tool that is exclusively designed to smoothen rough surfaces. In the earlier days, when there were no implementations of tools or rather the tools failed to gain popularity, sandpapers were used to fulfill the purpose. But, frankly speaking, it is a most irritating job. It roughens the hands, wearing out the fingers and used to take a heavy toll on our body. This old method was also very time taking and uneconomical. With the advancement of science and technology especially in the field of mechanical engineering, sanding machines were introduced which helped to combat all such problems. Today’s article will deal with a really interesting object that you will surely prefer to buy.


Sanders came for the first time in practice in the year 1976 and the inventor was Festool. With time, further improvement was needed, so a new tool named RANDOM ORBITAL SANDER was introduced again by Festool, Festo.


Though the name sounds something unfamiliar to you, the purpose it will fulfill will be a thousand to a million times better than that of sandpaper depending on the amount of the surface you have to carve off. This is a specially designed tool which is used for the purpose of rapid sanding. This tool doubles up the speed of sanding with the help of the large diameter disc.


Random orbital sanders are so popular because these sanders have lot of features incorporated in them. The main features of this particular tool are as follows:

  • There is a presence of a sanding blade which moves at a great speed and the rotation is in the form of random-orbit.
  • There is a structure called the head and another named the disc. The angles that are set for the two are different.
  • The speed of the rotation is so high that it solves the purpose in 1/4th of the total time as was needed in the previous day’s tools.
  • There is also a presence of a belt sander that moves fiercely and helps in making finer particles.
  • The most important feature rather an advantage of this sander has lots of features that it does not leave any kind of unwanted marks on the surface of the portion carved, thus gives a super fine look.


Random orbital sanders are again available in varieties, the most special among them: electric driven, air driven, orbital floor sanders. The only difference between the three is that the first two are held by hand and the user needs to handle it, while the later comes in great structures and are run by them.

Starting from the small petty construction works at home to large building blocks, sanding is an important part of theconstruction. Time is a great element of any construction in the global world. So we need to get fruitful objects in lesser time. For his, sandpaper or the old tools can never be a solution. So, with the advancement of science and technology, such types of sanders proved their best. The price of these sanders is quite affordable, so it can be thought as to be the best option to carve out objects.

Random orbital sanders are a perfect choice for anyone in the low budget as these sanders has a lot of features beside their easy handling & operation ability.