Reasons why debit gift cards are better than cash

Traditionally, the solution to the problem of what to give to someone was solved with a cash gift. Filling out a medium or large invoice in an envelope with a card has been a socially acceptable way of giving gifts for decades. The problem is that it’s a little boring and not creative.

If you plan to buy a debit gift card, here are 5 reasons why they are better than giving out products or in cash:

  1. Safer than giving money:

Cash may be lost or stolen. But with a prepaid debit card, in case of loss, the recipient can immediately call the card number to freeze it, and not make future purchases. You cannot do it with cash!

  1. Debit cards are more fun to receive than cash:

When it comes to gifts, getting a prepaid gift card seems a lot more exciting than just getting cash. It seems that he gives some additional forecast for the gift, instead of just taking a little money from his wallet and stuffing it into an envelope. In addition, if only you did not bother to get a new and clear bank account: the money is just dirty, literally.

visa gift card

  1. Offers protection against damage or loss of purchased items:

Most prepaid debit gift cards come with protection for grocery shopping. This means that if the recipient makes a purchase of certain goods and they are lost due to theft or damaged within 90 days, the issuer will cover the cost of replacement. (See your card policy for more information before purchasing.)

  1. There is no need to run a credit report or request:

Of course, to use a traditional debit card, you need a bank account, and to use a credit card you must go through a long loan application. Not so with prepaid gift cards! You can buy one on the counter or online and send it directly to the recipient.

  1. You can check your balance online or by phone at any time:

If the recipient needs to check vanilla visa gift card balance, you can check it at any time by calling the phone number indicated on the card. The same number can also be used to report the card if it is stolen.