Preparing for the disaster season? Here’s what you need to pack alongside a survival kit 

Events like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and winter storms have cut people off from water, power supplies and even food for days on end.  This is a terrifying prospect if one is not prepared.  Fret not! Here’s all that you need to know to prepare a survival kit at the beginning of a disaster season.

Keep an eye on the expiry date of the medicines

One has to make sure that expiry dates are tracked diligently so old and expired medicines can be replaced immediately.  Some of the medicines have to be used within 6 months and others will last up to a year. So, keep a check on them accordingly to avoid any last minute hassles.

Emergency Essentials:  While planning, make sure to include non food supplies like can openers and knives. Plan and include items for those with special needs. Nursing and pregnant moms will need formula and other related items so that they can care for infants and themselves. Make sure to include water and food for pets too.

Perishables: If power is lost during the emergency, perishable foods should be consumed first. Empty the fridge out first and then the freezer.

So, what are you still waiting for? Click here to go through the available list of survival kits and choose best first aid kit at the earliest. It is your responsibility to take care of your loved ones and it all starts from here my friend.