Polygraph: Vision or Science

A lie detector test is the one which is hugely appreciated around the world to be the best way to track criminals. You too are a fan of those reality shows right? But do you actually know the truth behind such lies?

There is a strong procedure that determines the fate of an individual. I shall present you some of such aspects that actually build the forum of the decisions of the tests. Lie Detector Test Limited is one of the leading companies from Ireland that sought to provide justice to the individuals. To know more about the aspects, just go through the interesting blogs on the official website www.liedetectortest.ie.

lie detector


The two most notable & most important aspect of this lie detector is

  • Control question test ( CQT)
  • Guilty knowledge test (GKT)
  • Control question test (CQT)

The first set is the one which asks questions based on control with some known answer. This serves as a basis for the next set of questions that are much relevant to the incident. The control question test is designed such that I will have a higher response to the physiological response if the answer that was told was a true one and will give a lower response if it was a false one.

  • Guilty knowledge test (GKT)

On the other hand, the guilty knowledge test is the one in which a sequence of multiple choice question and answers are decided. In this, the correct and the wrong answers are read separately and are recorded to determine the ultimate result.


The practice is often considered to be a very harassing one to the innocent. The person to be tested upon is so much afraid of the consequences that out of the fright, he may answer something totally wrong which will be proven to be a truth and the innocent will be punished. There are many techniques that can change the results of the test. Some people are too smart in using such techniques. Some of them are curling toes, biting lips and tongues which totally bring out a different answer. So, it is often said that there is no use of this test. So, people are trying to prove them innocent by just using such techniques.


There has been a new research regarding the polygraph which is now termed as “cognitive polygraph”. The cognitive polygraph systemizes the functional trans-cranial Doppler technique. The study revealed that there are two pathways that are considered in the whole process. One of them goes through the neural pathway which considers the discrete knowledge strategy and the other one deals with scattered knowledge bases. The code pattern that functions is that the DKS uses essential components known as the discrete knowledge base while thee nDKS lacks that component. Hence, the cognitive polygraph is being considered to be a better option in comparison to the traditional polygraph method.

People often blindly trust their imaginations. They are never aware of how many questions are actually informative to find out the truth. Finding a truth requires research. From the past history, we have seen that a cool mind and a cool brain have unlocked the truth behind the crimes. This is the key to justice. Questions that are built on a strong background are the backbone to find out the truth and this is what the leading Ireland company does. So, you can put your 100% trust in this company to find an answer to your disturbing questions.