Orthodontic treatment of beautiful straight teeth

Orthodontic treatment is the best option if you are looking for beautiful straight teeth.

Solution for dental defects.

Incompatible teeth if left untreated, can cause serious health problems at a later stage. Through the use of active orthodontic treatment procedures, permanent solutions can be obtained for irregular dental bites, including crooked teeth, protruding teeth, clenched teeth, widely spaced teeth, bites, crossed, excessive and open bites. Eliminating these dental defects will give you a beautiful smile and an improved facial charm. Besides, perfectly aligned teeth guarantee excellent physical health, effectively reducing gum disease, tooth loss, irregular wear on the surface of the teeth, speech impairment, chewing and digestion.

The treatment includes two phases.

Orthodontic treatment procedures are mainly performed in two stages: the active step and the retention phase. In the busy period, dental appliances are made to straighten the displaced teeth. In the retention stage, the procedures are performed with fixators to fix the teeth in their new positions.

First, Ortho carefully evaluate their teeth, jaws and facial structure with x-rays, photographs and bites. Depending on the results obtained, the procedures are planned with ceramic staples, metal staples or Invisalign advanced invisible staples.

Orthodontic appliances – Available types

Conventional metal appliances are fixed tooth rails that work with metal wires and brackets and are cheaper. Ceramic or dental tools are incredibly soft, translucent and less noticeable. These devices will not stain or discolour quickly so that they can be used for a long time. Invisalign processing, specially designed equalizers, provide exceptional results in a minimum period. In comparison to other levellers, they are removable, which allows patients to eat, drink, clean and floss regularly. Besides, the intangible property of these square brackets will help you hide the details of the treatment of others.

Orthodontic treatment

In most cases, orthodontic treatment procedures can be completed within one to three years. However, depending on the complexity of the tooth anomalies and the specific conditions, this period may vary. Orthodontists recommend an exam every four to eight weeks to evaluate the course of treatment.

Provide permanent solutions

Ceramic orthodontic appliances offer a permanent solution to bite problems. These brakes will help you maintain strong and healthy teeth, a bright smile and good physical health, without experiencing irritations such as chewing problems, digestive disorders, irregular wear on the surface of the teeth, tooth decay, gum disease and speech issues.

Orthodontists offer orthodontic procedures with ceramic orthodontic appliances after a thorough evaluation of the teeth, jaws and facial structure using X-rays, photographs and prints. As a general rule, all treatment procedures with these braces can be completed within one to three years.