Living with a Truck Driver

What is a woman to do? The man you love is in love with you but he is also in love with the road. How do these type relationships work?

For some couples the separation is sweet! She does her thing, while he does his. For others, it’s a hit and miss, and yet the last group it is a miss all together.

Let’s look at all three examples:

1) Sweet! – This group of couples could really care less if the other was home or not. As long as the paycheck is coming in, the bills are paid, and mom is happy – then the rest of the family is happy.

The house is normally a wreck, the yard a mess, and the children are running ramped. The love in this relationship is no mostly for the paycheck, the security, the food and the house. This type lifestyle also offers “mom” the opportunity to do whatever mom wants to do. The man of the house… well… he’s the man of the road, home only occasionally, and then gone again.

2) Hit and Miss! – This type of couple hit and miss in the dark. There is a conflict in schedules and a conflict in their life.

Perhaps she is a professional person, with an outside job. The couples only “get together” when their respective positions allow them a little togetherness. The children are comfortable with mom being the boss and dad is a stranger.The honey-do list on the counter when he arrives a few days or weeks later.

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3) Miss! – This set of couples has missed the whole point entirely. The “husband” is a figure word, for her. Perhaps she refers to being married only occasionally and perhaps he does too. There is limited together time and limited time for family.

This is the relationship that has become too accustomed to the road. He enjoys being gone, she enjoys him being gone! She has figured out how to take the trash off, fix the lawn mower, and completely take care of the kids and house. She feels independent but the sad reality is that she is dependent on the paycheck.

Realizing it is not just men on the road, there are many fabulous women drivers as well and the same can be said for the spouses at home, regardless of which gender is on the road. kargo API

There is a forth group that I have identified during my time living over the road with my husband. I will talk about this group of team households/relationships in another article. However, these three groups are what I have seen the most of and it’s depressing.

When part of a team is missing the other part must pick up and carry on. However, how many spouses come to the point that the paycheck is more important than the person?