Instruments to choose from acoustic, digital piano and keyboard

Music instruments are very simple in external look but it has many minute particles inside which helps in forming beautiful sound or notes. If there is any loosen or damage parts you will miss the pleasant in notes. Piano an acoustic stringed instrument has many internal hidden parts such as hammer, strings, damper, pedals and soundboard playing important role in creating pleasant notes. But we are seeing keyboard and keys as the main parts. But it is so far from we are seeing externally.

What makes each instrument different from others?

If we want to compare piano, digital piano and electronic keyboard we need to start it from how the sound is produced, keys touch, authentic music and types of music possible, technology application and cost.

We can start from its sound, in acoustic sounds are produced by hammer hitting strings the sounds are more authentic but there is no need of hammer and strings in remaining both will play sound based on sample. The number of keys and keys touch are different, acoustic and digital piano have 88 keys where as electronic keyboard comes with 61 – 76 keys and keys are lighter and soft touch than other two. But in all it starts from c and end in c as an octave (cdefgab).

acoustic stringed instrument

Even sound is more acoustic and authentic, producing different instruments sound is not possible in acoustic as like digital and electronic keyboards. Digital and electronic can interact with external computer through midi or usb connections for recording and editing the sounds which is not possible in acoustic. When talking about portability and compact electronic keyboard will win the race. It is very small in size and weightless compare to others. Acoustic is heavier than digital which is only comfortable with fixed place in house.

One important point or fact which decides in buying is cost of instruments. Electronic is cheaper than all. With all these point put together we can come to conclusion that if you really looking for instruments to play authentic sound and ready to pay any amount then go for acoustic. If you need same effect but lesser expense and interfacing facilities then go digital piano. If you want cheapest instruments to learn with experiment then your best choice is electronic keyboard. If you are looking for user experience and reviews then visit pickmypiano. You will get what you want.