Home Lighting Automation Explained in Simple Terms

There was a time until several decades ago when home lighting controls consisted of basic lighting switches located on a wall. That’s all If someone needed a switch in the light, they turned the switch and, when they wanted to, they repeated this process in reverse order. But nevertheless; These were business owners who first saw the need for what has now become a lighting automation system for the home.

Early start in the automation of home lighting

These are the main financial resources that were the stimulus: the average bulb of 1000 watts with halogen lamps costs about $ 50 per month, business owners who can carry up to fifty of them in a larger shopping complex to “see the light “” so to speak. “Consequently, the first home lighting automation systems that were developed in companies simply worked to effectively control the lights. 

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Modern modern age at home

While this was happening, homeowners in developed countries were adding more and more electrical systems and lighting functions to their homes. The lighting of the mood, the lighting of the pool, the lights, the Christmas lights and the list goes on and on. Then there were alarm systems, home audio systems, intercom systems and even on this list.

Today’s centralized programmable control station.

Finally, he approached the point of “system overload” when the owner simply could not manually control all these electrical components. In this way, the home automation systems for lighting are incorporated, which consist of a centralized and compact programmable control station that not only can control the lights, but can also handle almost any other domestic system.

Information on the automation of home lighting.

If you are looking for information on the automation of home lighting, there are actually many different companies that provide this service. This is a reasonable and safe solution to install systems in your home or office. There are many companies that specialize in installing systems. There are even intelligent lights that can be fully controlled by you or the computer system.

You can implement almost any type of luminaire for automation. Many people prefer to install internal and external systems. The systems can work with timers or you can configure them so that the computer network can fully control their functions. There are many brands of lights that can be darkened or illuminated as little as possible.

The settings are really infinite.

If you can imagine it, you can probably build it. There are fully monitored and controlled systems where people at the other end of the network can control the lighting functions, such as a security system for the home. In fact, many security systems use these technologies for their own purposes. There are many advanced dimming switches that can allow the user to program many different functions in them.

Most modern systems allow you to use networks with your home’s Wi-Fi service, as well as with your mobile devices. You can be thousands of kilometers or kilometers away and still have total control over the lighting of your home or business, even if you are not physically there. Many systems today also include security cameras that can monitor various areas where lights are installed.

There are many devices that can also use RF signals for automation. Most modern devices are also wireless and can be adjusted to specific configurations. All systems have a manual rewind option if you ever need to manage blocks.

Most of the lamps used today are light-emitting diodes, which today are the best option in the market. LEDs, because they are more known, use the least amount of electricity than other varieties. LEDs are also much simpler for people’s eyes than tougher fluorescent and fluorescent lamps, which tend to cause dizziness in some people or even irritate the eyes.

Having a fully automated home or office building is much easier than simply controlling your lights. If you are ever going on vacation, you can relax and rest, knowing that your property is safe and that you can control it yourself. The lights around your house will also help to prevent thieves.

The automation of home lighting is an excellent way to keep your home modern and in the best possible conditions.