Growing Cannabis and Various Stages

At present, growing cannabis is legal in some countries. The amount of plants you can grow differs, and some states allow a person to grow cannabis seeds for the recreational use, some are limited for cultivating weed for the medicinal use only. If you’re privileged to live in these locations, then chance of growing marijuana from the seed to stash might joyously present itself. Because of tremendous healing & recreational benefits of this plant, you would not like to squander such type of opportunity. At a least, growing the plant will be therapeutic, and might also become an important part of the lifelong hobby.

Suppose you have got any kind of interest in growing the marijuana, it is very important to get acquainted with the different stages of the cannabis plant cycle. It ranges from choosing the best seeds to harvesting the crop.

Various Stages of Cannabis Plant Growth

At the least, having modest know-how on what happens during various life cycles of a plant will make you the better gardener.  And suppose you do not have any interest in growing, knowledge on how your herb goes through every stage of the growth can make you the better consumer.

Choosing the Perfect Cannabis Seeds

There exist 2 kinds of the cannabis seeds; female and male.  It is highly important that the farmer differentiates between both before germinating. It is because female and male marijuana seeds make different plants. You’re after Trichomes that are essentially heart of a cannabis plant, thus you wish to germinate only female seeds.

Germinating the Cannabis

When you are confident you have chosen the right female seeds, now you must germinate your seeds. You can put it in one cup of water and fold them in wet cloth, and position them in the warm & dark place for 24 hours.

Cannabis Seedling & Vegetation

After placing the seeds in a fertile soil with the well-balanced nutrients, frail stalk of marijuana plant may sprout up and start to grow first two leaves. Time both the embryonic leaves grow differs with every seedling and take 2 to 3 weeks.  Growth is generally dependent on different factors.