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Health is wealth goes an old saying.  Healthy people led to a successful life. Health is a matter of concern for everybody including every age group and every background. But staying healthy for children is very essential for their growth and development of their body and mind. Health issues are a matter of concern and vaccination plays a very important role in health-related issues.

The vaccine prevents infections and contagious diseases including, polio, mumps, cough, chickenpox, diphtheria and more.

What are vaccines

A vaccine is a way to protect the body against some mild and also some deadly diseases. It provides acquired immunity to the body and prevents it from all the bad diseases. It helps the body to build the system to fight with germs and diseases that can make one sick. It is simply a path to the healthy and immune body.

Flu Vaccine

What is Flu Vaccine

Flu, also known as influenza is a disease that affects the respiratory system. The cause of this is the influenza virus. The flu vaccine is an effective way to control the infection caused because of the Influenza virus. Influenza can be spread by sneezes and coughs.

How to prevent it

The simple ways to prevent Influenza is to cover your mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing, see a doctor if you have any symptoms, take the flu vaccine.

 The flu vaccine singapore is one of those places where you can take the flue shots and prevent the infection to spread.  Also, flu vaccines are offered in hospitals, polyclinic and even in schools.