The Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a complex process that a lot of people proven too hard to understand, however, it serves as a crucial part when it comes to promoting something, particularly with digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing is the new face of advertisements, for many businesses, companies, private entities, and organizations, gone are the days for conventional advertising and marketing, it is the new dawn of making someone’s presence felt through digital marketing.

Businesses that do not invest in search engine optimization (SEO), will surely miss a lot of new business opportunities considering that most consumers nowadays rely on the power of the internet whenever they want to buy something. If you believe that your product or service is excellent, it would be perfect and easier for you to sell to your customers who are already gaining interest to it by convincing them that they badly need it by avoiding those easy sales strategy, and instead focusing your search engine result rankings through the power of SEO.

There are over four billion Google searches every day or 53 percent of this are from people who click on the first organic search position in Google. This means that the organic search is the kind of method that enters one or several search terms that serves as a single string of text into the search engine.

Organic search results are showed as paginated lists, or it can also be based on its relevance to the terms of the user’s searches, excluding the advertisements that you see on websites.


For a lot of people, it improves their chances to get noticed in search engines, especially businesses that seek more customers and website engagement, and traffic as more and more visitors will take a peek at your website which means there is a good chance for your business.

According to business statistics, there are about 15-percent SEO leads close rate, while the outbound sales like print advertising or direct mail only have 1.7 percent close rate.

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It is pretty simple if you come to think of it. SEO is best achieved if your website has all the needed information that is purely relevant to both human and artificial intelligence particularly search engine robots.

For a human user, they scan the website for any relevant and interesting information that they consider to be useful for them which can they can use to create decisions while making purchases.

Most people who visit because they want to read compelling contents, watch interesting videos and a lot of other stuff that they found interesting, while they also want to see a creative and very useful web design that is very easy to use, and most of all they want to visit websites that are very trustworthy.

Artificial Intelligence or the search engine robots, they are the ones who rank your site for search engines by scanning your website’s codes. Artificial Intelligence or search engine robots, are the ones who are filtering websites by choosing the ones that have unique content, relevant keywords, as well as having a descriptive HyperText Markup Language (HTML), clear site architecture, quick load times, working URL’s, trustworthy links from external sources.


SEO gets you noticed before your competitors in business by hiring an SEO company that can cater your needs to boost your search engine presence. SEO companies around the world are continuing to lift up companies and businesses that need to get recognized and feel its presence in the digital world by identifying the current state of their client’s websites, creating a more convenient way for its navigation, and URL structure, improving its sitemaps and the content, as well as designing a more vibrant and easy to use website layout and user experience, and speeds up the loading time of the site.