Durian amazing Health Benefits

Eating durian fruit can offer numerous health benefits though in-depth knowledge on the full range is still considered limited. Durian has been consumed for centuries across South East Asia though it has only newly gained a more international following.

Demand especially for Musang King has raised Durian’s profile and interest internationally with researchers starts to take notice of its exclusive properties. For instance, in 2017 researchers from the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) used up-to-date sequencing platforms to map the genome of the Musang King Durian or durian mao shan wang. Their result was published in the journal Nature Genetics and exposed that the Durian genome contains about 46,000 genes, approximately double that of humans who have 23,000 genes.

 Durian fruit is naturally loaded in potassium, Vitamin C, dietary fiber, iron, and Vitamin B complex. It has moreover been found to have high antioxidant properties which are supposed to offer anti-aging and cancer linked benefits.

Source of Energy

A 100 grams result in around 21% of one’s everyday carbohydrate requirement.

Bones & Teeth

Calcium, Potassium plus Vitamin B makes Durian useful for maintaining healthy teeth plus bones and for fending off osteoporosis.

Healthy Digestive System

Its high dietary fiber content aids in promoting plus easing bowl movements. It also helps facilitate the digestive procedure and lessens constipation, bloating, excess flatulence, heartburn in addition to indigestion plus diarrhea.

prevent Cardiovascular Disease

The existence of Organosulfur Compounds inhibits the creation of blood clots and helps control inflammatory enzymes. This aid prevents heart attacks as well as strokes.